1)Write down your expenses and income

The first step to manage correctly your money is to know your income and expenses.In a piece of paper draw two columns, one for your income and one for your expenses.Of course, your expenses should not outreach your income.Otherwise, you need to reduce your unnecessary wasting.But even, if your income is more than your expenses that does not mean you cannot reduce the difference even more.

2)Market research

Before every purchase try to do a market research so you are sure you are buying it with the best price/offer. Tip: Some stores have online offers so for sure check the websites too.

3)Buy ONLY what you really need

We often buy things we do not really need or use.As consumers, we are being influenced by the market, the trends and the advertisements.We get excited about a product and immediately put it in the basket.So before you go to the cashier think twice "Do I really need this?"

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4)Make lists

Personally I found lists extremely helpful.It helps me restrain myself and get everything I need.

5)The cheap is also expensive

We have the idea that buying something cheap saves us money.But that is not always true.Buy things that offer you value and not just based on the price.It is preferable to invest in a product with better quality, more possibilities and longer lifetime (especially for expensive goods).


Think how many times you found expired products in your fridge or how many clothes you keep in your closet that you do not wear or worse you do not even know you had.All these are money that goes to waste.Keep your storage organized and clean and try to put the products that quickly expire in a visible spot.

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7)Buy on sales

Sales are a great way to save money as long as you do not overdo it.You need to have a limit. Tip: Buy seasonal stuff in another season that is swimsuits in winter.


Define a certain amount of money that you will save monthly.it is better not to keep the money at home where you can easily have access to them but prefer to keep them in a bank account.

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- Dimitra