I hate the feeling of that you in love with someone.. Well it’s nice if the person you’re in love with is also in love with you.. But that’s not the case. He don’t even know me! He will never know me because he never has seen me. I’ve never seen him too. It’s just all in my imagination. I wish I could see him one time. But that’s not gone happen. This is just a weird feeling that I can’t even describe. What could I say I’m in love with someone I don’t know and never have seen. My love life is sooo complicated. I’m also not sure if he has a girlfriend. And I want to stop loving him I tried everything but I just can’t.. Everything what I do I find a piece of him like everywhere it’s makes me crazy and blind. Maybe he’s not the person I think he is. But if I ever see him I think I don’t even can say something I would be speechless. This all a dream or maybe a nightmare.

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