In this article you can see themes that i love and i really hope you find an inspiration ⤋

1. Grey feed

fashion, style, and jeans image plants, black and white, and nature image nature, water, and waterfall image feed and theme image water and theme image theme and rp image theme, indie, and mountains image theme, rp, and rp theme image Image by hallie ! food, bagel, and theme image

2. Pink vogue

aesthetic and white image rose gold, bathroom, and interior image body, fashion, and inspo image rose gold, rose, and gold image lips, model, and beauty image drink, pink, and rose gold image shoes, fashion, and heels image crown, diamond, and theme image art, photography, and pink image rose gold, pink, and champagne image

3. Red velvet

vogue, red, and magazine image flowers, pink, and red image red, model, and style image icons and tom holland image selena gomez, red, and selenagomez image red, drink, and vogue image dog, red, and animal image red, theme, and aesthetic image feed, purse, and red image food, strawberry, and waffles image

4. Dark tropical

nature, green, and leaves image green, plants, and nature image green, cactus, and plants image chanel, green, and bag image green, tropical, and nature image green, tropical, and theme image flowers, green, and plants image green, tropical, and theme image green, tropical, and dark image girl, summer, and hair image

5. Fresh indie

architecture, blue, and white image blue, city, and theme image blue, theme, and indie image blue, sand, and beach image fashion, jeans, and clothes image blue, indie, and ocean image blue, beach, and fresh image girl, fashion, and food image summer, beach, and sea image blue, lush, and theme image

6. Vogue liliac

purple, lilac, and theme image lilac, purple, and theme image sky, clouds, and pink image city, travel, and sea image girl, summer, and tree image memories, photo, and picture image lilac, purple, and theme image theme, purple, and Swan image lilac, purple, and theme image lilac, purple, and theme image

7.Black and white

family, baby, and mom image black and white, beauty, and model image dance, black and white, and dancing image fashion, model, and kate moss image Image by tallullah fashion, style, and black image james dean, vintage, and black and white image black and white, cigarettes, and model image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα Image by Rouæ

8. Green tea

plants, green, and aesthetic image bath, aesthetic, and green image green, plants, and white image green, drink, and aesthetic image drink, green, and kiwi image cactus, green, and plants image plants, green, and home image green and theme image bambi, indie, and kawaii image cactus, plants, and green image

8. Dark vogue

fireworks, light, and new year image theme, light, and dark image dress, fashion, and style image aesthetic, alcohol, and beauty image light, dark, and black image beauty, dark, and fashion image gigi hadid, model, and Victoria's Secret image crown, Queen, and red image gold, black, and stars image theme, dark, and selena gomez image

10. Cofee theme

fashion, girl, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It kendall jenner, dress, and black image food and foos image adventure, indie, and photography image hair, girl, and blonde image girl, travel, and city image theme, architecture, and dark image light, city, and night image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

11. Debutant

champagne, drink, and party image rose, drink, and summer image theme, white, and tumblr image book, coffee, and tumblr image Zara, white, and shop image magazine, white, and theme image food, banana, and waffles image summer image

12. Blue & Pink

pink, aesthetic, and pool image pink, plants, and theme image drink, pink, and summer image teal, pink, and theme image pink, bed, and bedroom image light, skeleton, and neon image yeezy, pink, and rose gold image Image by — k a n y a Image by — k a n y a ballet, dance, and pink image

Hope you liked it. xoxo