What are five passions you have?


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I could read 24/7. It gives me imagination, and make me live other lifes. When I'm reading I forget the world around me, I don't ear anything. It's very relaxing. I particularly love fantastic books. My favorites are Hell (Lolita Pille), Anita Blake (Laurelle K Hamilton) Truth (Kim Harrison). I am currently reading Anita Blake n°19 and I still love it so much.

Movies/ series

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I like to watch at night. I start while eating and I continue until I go to sleep. I like the way it makes you forget about your own life for a while. My top 5 would be : 1) Stranger things 2 ) American Horror Story 3) The Walking Dead 4 ) I Zombie 5) Game of Thrones


I love (almost) everything related to Japan. I can spend hours online to look for new mangas, anime, brands, style or anything else. I like the japanese way of thinking, thu culture and the country. I'v been there once and I dream to go back there.


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I like to go from feelings to something that I can share. My favorite part is colors. One draw can be so different depending on the colors you use. I sometimes do the same drawing twice to see how it looks with different shades.


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This is what makes you growing. Discovering new cultures, new people and places is something totally amazing. I love to learn from other people, and to have fun. It opens your mind and helps you to understand how the world is working. They are so many things to see and to try.
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