1. full house
It`s maybe a bit old school but just soooo funny :). Michelle is so cute XD

2. teenwolf
Teenwolf is just bae I like season 4 and 5 the most because of the dread dockters. My sister never wanted to watch it bc she thought it was like vampire diaries we both don`t like it LOL. But I told her manyy many times go watch it and she finally watched it hhahaha and she likes it ;)

3. modern family
I like the stupid jokes and I can finally watch season 8 today soo I`m happy af.

4. american horror story
horror is so nice to watch and it`s like a spooky ass serie ahhahhahah.

5. stranger things
this serie is sooooo awesome I`ve watched season 1 in a week and when I heared season 2 ws comming up omg so hyped ahhahha last friday 27th of october it came out on netflix and i couldn`t stop watching hahaha it took me 3 days to finish it and now I`m sad bc i finished it :(((((

hope you liked my first article if you know a good serie let me knoww hahaha