I live for quizes and choose one questions! I thought it would be really fun to share one with you.

1. Dogs or cats?
Dogs for life! I actually don't like cats that much. They can be incredibly cute though...

2. Coffee or tea?
My friends would think I lost my mind for saying both. I'm obsessed with coffee but tea relaxes me and I drink it all the time as well.

3. Hamburger or pizza?
It depends but right now pizza for sure.

4. Black or white?
White. I'm definitely not a black lover.

5. Cruise boat or jet?
A huuuuge cruise boat

6. Sunny beach or snowy mountain?
Oh my gosh... I really don't know. I mean probably the beach but I love winter soo much...

7. Shower or bath?

8. School or work?
School. I know: I'm wierd.

9. Power to fly or be invisible?
Flying but only with those beautiful wings.

10. Perfect hair or teeth?
Teeth. My hair can be as messy as it wants to. (It is :D)

11. Be really tall or short?
Neither but if I must choose than really short.

12. Watch a movie or read a book?
I love reading too but movies are my all time favourites.

13. Never have to do your hair or your makeup?
Hair. I love doing my makeup.

14. Summer or winter?
Both. These are my faves.

15. Pepsi or Coca Cola?
Coca Cola

16. Facebook or Twitter?
What a question. Twitter for sure. Facebook is the most negative thing in my life.

17. Funny or romantic boyfriend?
Funny as long as it doesn't mean that his jokes are rude and he has zero romantic parts.

18. Vacation to the Carribean or to Antarctica?
I feel like Antarctica could be very special and different but the beautiful sunny weather on the Carribean... I will say Antarctica for now.

19. Dress or blouse?

20. Yoga pants or jeans?
If yoga pants weren't collecting dirt... But until then: jeans.

21. Tattoos or piercings?
I'm pretty sure I will never get either but piercings would look better on me.

22. Marvel or DC?
DC. I used to love the other one more but lately they fall behind.

23. Trip or staycation?

24. eBay or Amazon?
eBay is cheaper but Amazon has real stuff so that one has to be the winner.

25. Xmas or Halloween?
I'm all about Halloween makeup looks but Christmas is the most amazing time of the year.

26. Being rich or happy?
Being the happiest little girl with all the people who I love around me.

27. Mansion or farm house?
That's actually a lot harder than it seems. A super cute and luxurious farm house can come for sure but the mansion... Hmmm... I can't decide.

28. Cinema or watching movies at home?
Now this is literally the hardest thing ever. I go to the cinem like every week... Okay this is impossible. Both.

29. City or country?
I would probably go insane in the country no mather how much I love the vibes of it. I'm definitely a city gal.

30. Flats or heels?
Ankle boots with heels or sneakers.

31. Fame or money?
Who needs fame when she can have $$??

32. Go back to the past or foward into the future?
Back to the future :)) (I hope everyone saw that movie) Okay, for real: back to the past.

33. Introvert or extrovert?
I feel like most people would say that I'm introvert but I still think I'm extrovert.

34. London or Paris?
Paris. Everything French can come.

35. Morning or night?
Morning. I can't stay up after 11 pm. :D

36. Overdressed or underdressed?

37. Short hair or long hair?
Somewhere in the middle.

38. Shorts or skirt?

39. Snow or rain?
Snow. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain though.

40. Spring or fall?
Spring. I'm not a fan of fall. I know... I'm still wierd. :)

41. Sun or moon?
Sun. The Moon is romantic and everything but I can't see anything in dark. (I'm being serious.)

42. Talking or listening?
Listening if people are talking to me and not to someone else. Otherwise I will start talking and won't stop until they aren't talking to me. :D

43. Truth or dare?
I'd love to say dare but let's be real: truth.

44. Curly or straight hair?

45. Necklaces or bracelets?

46. Red or other colored roses?
Red ones

47. Long or short nails?
Short. Long ones are really pretty but I wouldn't be able to do anything with them.

48. Mascara or eyeliner?
Mascara every day.

49. Kisses or hugs?

50. Truth or lie?
I hate lies. I'm actually really good at them but I stopped saying them super long ago. How can we want to have real relationships without saying the truth?

+1. Pen or pencil?
Pen. My handwriting is crazy with pencils.

I hope you enjoyed! :D