This is part 1, I will probs make a part 2 soon cause there are so many places I want to visit,

Venice, Italy

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I would also love to go to Rome but if I had to pick it would be Venice.

Paris, France

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Paris is literally 2 hours away from where I live so I would love to go someday.

Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul's architecture looks stunning. Defiantly want to go one day.

Seam Reap, Cambodia

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So lucky that I am able to visit this incredible place next year. I AM SO EXCITED.

New York, USA

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It has and will always be a dream of mine to visit the big city.

Auckland, New Zealand

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I feel like New Zealand is so under appreciated. It looks like such a chill place.

Dubai, UEA

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Everything in Dubai is over the top but I think I would love that.

Bangkok, Thailand

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In year 7 (8th grade?) I did a project on Thailand and ever since I've wanted to go.

Barcelona, Spain

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I'm in love with Barcelona's architecture and would love to visit someday

Dublin, Ireland

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I am part Irish so I would like to visit one day.