That was our nickname for each other.

I can't quite remember how it came to be, but you had called me it one night and after that, I guess it just sort of stuck. Every day after that we were calling each other noob.

"Hey noob :)"
"Hey other noob :)"

That was how we addressed each other. Every. Single. Time.

I thought it was absolutely adorable. It was like our own little thing, something just between me and you. Whenever you addressed me as such, it was sure to put a smile on my face.

We even did this thing where we'd pretend like we didn't like to be called a noob. We'd go back and forth, saying "You're a noob." "No, you're a noob." "Yeah, well you're a major noob." It was so cheesy and stupid, but it always made me laugh.

One of my fondest memories of us going back and forth with each other was when you were up in California with your best guy friends for your guys' senior trip and after I had denied being a noob, you had sent me a video of all of your friends calling me a noob. Somehow you had roped them all into saying it, and I loved it. The whole thing made me ridiculously happy. That was the moment I knew what we had was on the verge of being serious. You were letting your friends know about me, letting them in on our silly nickname for each other! I don't know. It felt like a big deal to me.

. . .

I miss you, noob. I wish you were still around, but it seems you've been replaced by a jerk.