So, my life story is super long and i don't feel like sharing it with a bunch of strangers so I'm just going to list a couple of facts about my self and stuff.

Okay, well first off, my names Lupe obviously, but that's just my nickname, im actually Guadalupe Viridiana, but everyone has a difficult time saying and pronouncing it or just overall remembering it.

Some basic facts:
1. I'm 14 years old
3. I'm Mexican
4. I'm super fricking bipolar
That's pretty much everything that's NEEDED

Also, guys/girls/kids/people i dont care what race,gender, color, etc. I want new friends, so feel free to hml. Im a super cool person, but super shy. And i love new music, so feel free to just send me songs, and memes, and photos, and anything (almost).