Hello my lovely readers, this article is going to be a list of things I do to make sure I don't forget anything when I go somewhere.

What to take
This can be a little tricky. If you're going for a short period of time then it will be easier but if you're going for a longer period of time it may be a little harder. Hypothetically lets say its going to be a short trip of four days.
-First check the weather of the place you're staying. (Say it's going to be really hot all four days).
-Think logically. Are you really going to wear four different pairs of shorts or could you take two pairs and just change tops. Plus take a dress. Also only take three tops. Make sure everything co-ordinates well with everything so everything goes together and you end up have more than four outfits with only 6 items of clothing (I hope that made sense). Basically just think am I really going to need this? Will I be able to last without this?
- If you're really insure about what to take or you think you're forgetting something go through your daily routine. This is a good way to make sure you have everything you need.

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Now that you have decided what to take you need to make a list of everything.
-I make one as I think of things to take and then as I'm packing.
-Later I alter it by taking things off or adding things on. I don't cross things off either I just tick them.
-Just before I leave I go through my list again and cross everything I know is in my bag.
If this is a little overwhelming then I suggest writing the list in sections.
First section clothes, next one toiletries etc.

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How to pack things can be quite hard especially if your bag isn't very big. -The first thing I do is roll my clothes instead of fold.
-I also suggest invest in some packing pouches so you can keep everything tidy and organised.
-Shoes, try to pack ones that fit easily into spaces. If you're taking heavy boots I suggest you wear them while travelling or don't take them because they take up a lot of room in your bag.
-Wear your biggest items. Especially if you're flying. You don't want your bag to weigh more than it should.

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Have your main bag (suitcase, duffle bag etc) and then a smaller bag for in the car or carry on for the plane with the essentials like your phone, headphones, gum, a book etc.

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I hope this helped somewhat with your packing.

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