Hi Cuties!
So i'm here to tell u all some random facts, because i really enjoy the WHI and all my followers, so here we go <3

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1 > My Favorite group ever it's Red Velvet, I love so much the Revelies.
2 > My Ultimate bias is Kim Chungha
3 > I Usually like more girl groups, but my favorite Boy Groups are Wanna One, Seventeen and NCT.
4 > I can speak portuguese, english and spanish
5 > I collect kpop albuns, washi tapes and Funko pops
6 > I really enjoy reading, i'm actually reading Love & Gelato.

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7 > I really like kdramas, my favorite is Descendants of the Sun
8 > My favorite colors are blue and pink, specially in pastel
9 > I really love Ice Cream, Marshmallow and Maccarrons.
10 > My favorite season is the spring.
11 > I'm Libra
12 > My favorite holiday is Christmas
13 > I'm Brazilian
14 > I'm a dancer, and i love to create my own choreos.
15 > I really love stationery things
16 > I have 4 albuns at my collection.
17 > i Love flowers and cats
18 > I Heart all my WHI followers <3
19 > Go watch Sweet Crazy Love and Around You
20 > My Twitter is @icecreamcakew

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