I feel traped.
In my own mind.
Feeling quilty for something I haven't done. Again.
And this time I'm not even overthinking it like I normally do.
This time it's different.
This time it hurts more.
Because this time I can't blame it on myself and just forget what he did.

I love him. I really do. And I believe he loves me too. But it hurts so badly.
He hurts me so badly.
And he knows it, yet he never feels responsible for it, never feels sorry for it.
Is that how u treat someone u love? Making me feel worthless? Hard to love?

When we fight, he's always making himself the victim, and passing the quilt from screwing up on me.
But I can't take it anymore.
No matter how hard I try to keep this relationship together it feels like you're drifting apart anyway.
One minute we're so happy cuddling, having fun and the next u're so annoyed with me like I did something that dissapointed u.
I'm so confused and it's so tiring.
I've gotten too weak to keep doing this alone.
I'm sorry.

I think it's time for me to really let you go before u'll break me.
Im not the type of person who gives up on someone when things get hard. Even if I should.
It's tearing my heart apart but at the same time u're the only one, who can glue it back together.

Guess that's why we're still together baby.