Hey hearters! I'm very excited with the new Weheartit feature - articles. With this, I'm going to mainly focus on fashion, makeup and photography but I'm super random so I guess you'll never know what I'm gonna post about next.

As you might or might not no, I'm obsessed with photography. For me, it's more than just clicking on a button. It's capturing the reality as it is, causing emotion to the person who is watching the picture that we took.

Today, I'm going to show you some cool effects to really give that final touch to your photograph - of course that it doesn't apply to every single type of photo or whatever your trying to portrait in the moment, but take my tips & ideas in your favour, obviously.

Maybe one day I'll share some of the pictures I take :)

Image by Rσɕκ & ℱαsɦiσɳ ♛
To create this effect, simply ask the model to nod her head side to side and put your camera in boost mode. You will get maybe 10 to 15 pictures and 2 or 3 in the middle will capture this effect. (credits to Xing Liu, he's an amazing photographer that I really look up to)
article image
Lace shadows look gorgeous on portraits, probably one of my favourite effects! Position your model under the sunlight and put the lace above - it will create this beautiful shadow. (credits to Xing Liu)
girl, rainbow, and tumblr image
This look you can recreate with a suncatcher (there's many cheap ones on amazon) or you can use a cd: you can use your phone's flaslight and direct it to the cd. Rotate it till you finally can get the effect!
Image by Rσɕκ & ℱαsɦiσɳ ♛
To use this effect, you can only use a prism (like the suncatcher, you can find cheap ones on amazon). Put it in front of the camera lens just a little bit et voilá!
light, girl, and city image
So I bet you have seen a picture like this quite a few times before - photographer Brandon Woelfel is famous for this cool effect! (credits to him for this pic). Basically what he does is he grabs the other end of the light and focus on the model - it creates that cool bokeh with the lights.

Hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, thanks for reading! Try to take inspo from the pictures that I showed you, create your own and post on Weheartit! Would love to see and heart your photos :) Also, don't forget to click on the like button on this article 😄