We all need to take care of ourselves and there are many ways to do it! In this article I'll show you some things you can do to treat yourself, whatever mood you are in.


Wear clothes you like

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Put on clothes you like and feel comfortable on. If you dress up the way you like, for you, it will boost your confidence. No matter the occasion, or even with no occasion at all, dressing up how you want is a good way to take care of yourself.

Expand your knowledge

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Learn something new, like a language, for example.Read articles about things that interest you, go to the library and pick a book. Expanding your knowledge and exercising yourmind is always important.

Exercise // Workout

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To take care of yourself, you have to take care of your body. You can workout at home, outside or at the gym, even if it's hard at the beginning it will make you feel better.

Eat healthy

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Eating healthy is good for you, as you already know, and there are tons of delicious healthy food. If you can make some healthy meal for yourself that's perfect!

Put on makeup

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If you like makeup, put on makeup you like, create your own looks and just do it for you! You don't even need to go out or meet with someone, just put on makeup for fun.

Buy yourself flowers

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Don't wait for anybody to buy you flowers, buy them for yourself! You desserve beautiful flowers, if they make you happier go buy flowers for you, smell them, look at them.... flowers are so good.


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Lay in bed, listen to music, watch movies/series, read a book... just relax and take some time for yourself. Relaxing and doing things you enjoy is so good for you!

Love yourself and others

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Love yourself and love the people in your life. It is so important to have self love, to give and receive love. Appreciate your loved ones, give them love and that love will come back to you. Love who you are and others.

These are some things you can do to take care of yourself. Remember loving and taking care of yourself is such an important thing! Do things for you, you deserve it.

Thank you for reading.

~ me (@loveinbrooklyn)