Okay, my title doesn't sound that interesting (it's ya girls first article). Well I've seen so many people write articles on how to have a nice/aesthetically pleasing feed but most of their photo ideas are photos from photoshoots with people like Brandon Woelfel or from instagram pages of models. Well we don't all have that at our disposal so here are some of my ideas and examples from my own instagram account.
Just so you know, I don't leave the house a lot so there are photos you could just take from home.
The link to my instagram account: M A R I A (@nyakiba_) •

These are just some of the different themes I've tried:

instagram image
feed, ideas, and instagram image
feed, inspo, and instagram image
Going to museums and taking a bunch of photos will keep your theme going. Or places like coffee shops helps will give you this brown palette of joy. Haha
feed, ideas, and inspo image
feed and insta image
red, theme ideas, and marianyakiba image
Red theme. Fun fact I took all the photos I couldn't take in the house on one day. Since I barely leave the house. I use the opportunity while I can.
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here are some photo ideas
photo, instagram, and ideas image
Magazines aways come in handy for flat lays
instagram photo ideas image
Coca-cola soda is like the style that never dies. Haha cheesy but true.
bralette and confidence image
Remember magazines? very good with flat lays and sometimes they give meaning to the photo.

I really hope this was helpful.
Any questions? (I sound like an advertisement) Feel free to send me a DM. @nyakiba_