I love waking up in the morrning just to find your message wishing me a good day. I like going to school and learning new things. I love being with my friends knowing that I am not alone and they are around me. I love going back home and having a healthy lunch but I also love eating junk food once in a while and enjoying it without feeling bad about it. I love having a coffe after lunch to wake myself up after such a long day. I enjor feeling the caffeine in my veins. I love doing my maths homework and feeling productive. I also love doing everything I had planned to do because it makes me feel good. I love going to the gym and feeling sore after it. I love dancing. I love having a shower with music playing as loud as possible. I love having dinner and studying after it. I love tidying my room annd going to bed. I love to send you good night messages.
I love repeating this everyday because there is beauty in it and most importantly, because it makes me happy.