All your favorite fall nail trends!!

YOU GUYS! IT'S WEDNESDAY & IT'S NOVEMBER! I'M BACK! I've been gone for two whole weeks and I'm sorry! Tbh you might not have even missed me, but I'm gonna tell myself that you did so I feel better about myself. School has been kicking my butt but I'm surviving!

ANYWAY this post is gonna be all about nails!!! Personally, this might be one of my favorite topics ever and fall is my favorite season so why not combine the two and create GREATNESS?

First things first, the color that SCREAMS fall...Some call it oxblood,maroon, burgundy, crimson, the list goes on. Either way it is a beautiful color and it basically IS fall.

nails, red, and black image nails, glitter, and red image nails, rings, and red image nails and beauty image

Next is glitter gold nails. I think gold is THE only metallic for fall. It perfectly accentuates the fall colors and it just looks really pretty and expensive.

nails, green, and gold image autumn, fall, and glitter image Image by Cris Figueiredo nails, gold, and glitter image

Lastly for all my girls who really want to get creative with their nails this fall. Why not throw a plaid accent nail in the mix? I think this can look so good, if it's done tastefully! It's also different and fun! Go ahead girl, do something different, you might even like it. Personally the Burberry ones are my favorite, but you didn't hear that from me...

nail art, nail polish, and nails image nail art, plaid, and purple image Burberry, nails, and pink image nails, fashion, and style image

So, how did you feel about this article? Did you love it, did you hate it? Let me know I can take it, message me.
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XO, Whitney