I find wedding topic very interesting, so thinking about my dream wedding is so exciting to me, although I am not getting married anytime soon ... Anyway, here we go.


dress, wedding, and bride image dress, wedding, and white image
My dress will look something like this


hair, hairstyle, and beauty image hair, hairstyle, and style image
Something classy, nice, and cute.


black, cream, and fancy image invitation, wedding, and wedding invitation image
something lacey is so beautiful.


wedding image wedding image
Something fancy and breathtaking. Unique.


diamond, rings, and ring image ring, rings, and diamond image
The most important part, in my opinion, I want a simple ring, with a small diamond. I want the 2nd picture idea it's soooo cute.

Wedding cake

cake, chocolate, and wedding image cake, chocolate, and wedding image
Chocolate and some design that I don't know but these photos are really good-looking.


shawn mendes, music, and shawn image gif image
I want Shawn Mendes to sing on my wedding day.

Flower bouquet

flowers, rose, and pretty image flowers, rose, and white image
Small, pastel coloured.

Bridesmaid dresses

dress, fashion, and blue image dress, fashion, and white image
Make people speechless.


food, buffet, and champagne image buffet, food, and party image
Open buffet with different cuisines and desserts.

These are little cute ideas that couples did on their wedding day that I really liked, and I want to do one or two of them.

wedding, strawberry, and chocolate image love, wedding, and couple image love, I DO, and wedding image love, ring, and beautiful image photo and wedding image bride, wedding, and groom image