Hello :) this is my first time writing an article on WHI, I hope you enjoy it!

How come that 16 is such a memorable age. I have to admit, when I was younger I always thought: 'When I'm sixteen I will be grown up and beautiful'. But in real life there isn't a fairy godmother who gives you the looks or tells you what to do. I didn't got a glow up or changed from one day to an other. But I changed, not like BAMPATSBOOM when I turned sixteen. But I changed and it happend slowly.

I found out that I was changing the moment I realized that I saw some people and places, I'd known for my whole life, like it was the first time I saw them. I started to noticed imperfections. It's like I see the world with new eyes. Like I see the world for the first time. The whole fairytale glow is away, you see the real world. Sometimes the real world feels complicated and sometimes it feels easy.

The only difference of being sixteen is the face people, mainly boys, make when they hear my age. I look like eighteen (feel like that too) and when i said i was still fifteen, people always looked at me like they saw water burning. Now I am sixteen and that really changes things for people. I'm not a child. Or am I?