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College is the place where you can be yourself, do it what you love (I hope you do); but that doesn't mean the things are going to be easier.

Sometimes what you love the most it's the hardest thing to get.

(yeah it applies in almost in every life situation).
So let's start..

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Focus in class it's hard but try understating all by yourself it's hardest.

Focus a 100% in anything it's tough (except in our favourites TV shows, movies and books obviously.)
If you're a person who gets distracted at just five minutes after the class started you're one mines. Luckily for us the solution is very simple:
First TURN OFF YOUR PHONE because at the second you opened whatsapp, instagram or any app -or just look at the hour to know when the class is going to end (yeah we all do that)- you get bored, tired and distracted.
Of course that's not the only distraction we have, our mind plays a big role in here thinking the things we want to do at weekend, the ones we going to do after class and the ones we can be doing instead of this. So for a minute TRY to not to think in all that and concentrate at the theme of the class, because at the moment you do that you'll get interested and grab a pen, a notebook it will not look so hard anymore.
Also at the time of exams, when you have a thousands of pages to study, unless you will understand everything. Witch is a HUGE help, believe me. PAY ATTENTION

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Be prepared for your tests/exams.

Like it's so hard focus also is study. But you already have a little help, your NOTES. The notes are a memory for you about what you listened and learned from the classes.
As soon as you can start to make new 'clean notes' with the material you've to study + your notes from the class= the perfects study cards/pages.
A very important thing is not wait the two days or the night before the test to do it. It's imposible to study 'well' that fast (except you're gifted and if you are GET OUT OF HERE *just kidding). If you do this every day you'll also been studying without even noticing ; and I know how hard it's having a dozen of works and different things to study, but if you do this every day with every single one of them, at the time for exams you will be a half prepared witch means with some study you'll can get GREAT GRADES.
And when you feel confident before starting a exam it's because you know you did a great study-job and you just going to pick your A.

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Motivation it's everything.

For make all this part of study, working in ours projects and exams/tests there also a very important element witch it's health. A good nutrition for your body it's more important than you think, and here I'm no talking about aesthetic at all, I'm talking about health.

Because a healthy body it's a healthy brain

Explaining really shortly: if our brain don't received enough food your brain can work well and if you get all junk food your brain just gets lazier. And in both cases the mayor feeling is SLEEP at any time.
So make to yourself healthy diet(you can go to a nutritionist or just looking in the internet). Eat many times at the day -small proportions of good food-; and specially DRINK WATER, this is like the most import thing of the diet because it's what makes you clean and active(inside and outside of your body). Trust me, leave aside the juices and sodas and drink at least 3 litres of water for day. I'm telling you it's going to change your life, promise.
And with the heath of course comes (I'm sorry for the ones who hate this) exercise. Exercise it not only means get tired and sweaty-witch it's not bad at all- i'ts also where your mind takes a break, and like you need breaks so does your brain. Maybe you are not a gym person, not problem, get out and run for 30 minutes or walk and some sit ups, some flexes, jump with a rope, anything BUT DO SOMETHING. That makes you get relax for minutes/hours of all of your problems, makes you drink more water, be more healthier and -sometime- even set new goals. See, all positive.
For ended sleep. Having good times of sleeps is great, too bad college student not know about that; but we must try. All the hours of the night we can sleep we must too. Try to get well organised days so at night you'll can get some good hours of sleep(I know this is not always possible but when you can don't lose the chance, you'll need that resting hours later).

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Just a little more..

For close, go and HAVE FUN with your friends, roommates, sisters, brothers,bf, gf, and with the new people you met drunk at the parties!! We are aloud to vodka-breaks haha. Be young and free.

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And btw HAPPY-LATE HALLOWEEN y'all. Hope you had a scary and fun night.

Note: Hey guys! I wanted to write this days ago but I had to present a big project on monday and also I just finish the season 2 of stranger things (pretty sure I am not the only huge fan.. of the TV show.. not of the projects). Okey, seriously now I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the nice messages I got from my first article, I hope you like this one too and of course you're free to keep sending more messages,(if you want also with suggestions of what you want me to write next time too) it means a lot to me. Also I will do another article just with my playlist for study in a couple of days. Again, sorry if is any grammar/orthographic mistakes I'm still learning english.

So stay strong, keep studying and working hard,-and HAVING FUN- lots of love and see y'all soon. -Z