The omen symbolizes the link between human beings and divinity (gods and deities).

The Ancient Greek and Roman traditions saw omens as mediums with which they could interpret messages from the gods and goddesses that were usually manifested through natural phenomena such as the rain, storms...
Omens, priests whose emblem a wand curved like a spiral (called Lituus in Latin), they were the practitioners of divination by observing different birds like: ravens, vaulters, or eagles! They were consulted before important battles and they were asked to decipher the signs observed during numerous natural happenings linked to the air and the sky.

Omens were common within antiquity and more specifically in Ancient Greece. Priests consumed laurel and bay leaves to reach a state of clairvoyance. These plants are the symbols of Apollo, the Greek god of omens, prophecy, medicine and the sun.

Some divination rituals included fire and the combustion of sacrificed animals' entrails. If the flames are dim with a light color and no smoke, it was considered as a good sign. If the flames had a rather dark color (red or black) accompanied with smoke, it was a bad sign.

The Harmony Between the Seen and the Unseen:
By consulting the elements that were sent by divinity to manifest a certain disapproval, priests would adjust reality with the divine will. This speaking, is the omen the symbol of the harmony between the visible and the invisible?
Cicerone summarized this perfectly: "Every event, in your understanding has its origin, in the reality of the infinite (eternal). -a moronic philosophy. If we were to believe that your reasoning is right, we would be submerged in superstitions in a way where we would worship the omens, the astronomers, the fortune tellers."