Hey loud world,
I am riddhi and i am doing my under graduation, i really have a tight schedule, going to the college early in the morning returning in the evening, in between different classes and that to living in the hostel so some sort of time limits and at the end of the day completing the home works.....

You might be thinking why the hell am i talking about my schedule to you, and what does it even relate to the picture,
So now i will tell you the background story of the picture, this picture is take by a friend of mine in my hostel, two baby squirrels fell from a tree at my hostel. one of them had a sever ingury and died soon.We saw the another one and kept it in an earthen vessel.we gave milk to the baby. but he was really lonly and scared without his sibling and mother. then that night we took him to our room. and this was my first one day pet. that one night was just magical. you know.... i just can't discribe it. holding the squirrel in the hands,playing with him,give him milk,making him comfertable.it was being like a mother without actually being a mother.
The magic was not about having a baby squirrel in the room, the magic was about having a peace of mind, the magic was about being away from this whole daily schdule and really near to the nature.

so, with my first article, i wanted to say that everyone is busy in it's life, everyone is having a tough schdule, but if we see around the world there are little little thing which can make our life beautiful. and for that we need not go to the mountains or a forest or a river, its just a matter of looking around yourself, you will get a peace of mind and you will feel that LIFE IS BEAUTIFULL.
Thank you for reading my artcle:)