Hello! This is my first article and I am going to talk about some of my favorite TV shows. And sorry if my english is bad, it's not my national language :)

1. Teen Wolf
This show is now over :( It has 6 seasons and it's about werewolfs and some other mytological creatures. Main character is Scott McCall who is the Aplha werewolf. He and his pack are dealing with a new problem and enemy in every season.

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2. Supernatural
Supernatural is another TV show about mythological creatures.It has 13 seasons for now. Main characters are Sam and Dean Winchester. They're hunters.They hunt werewolves,vampires,witches,...

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3. Stranger Things
Today came out a new season (second). Main characters are El(even) and Mike ( and his friends). There is an UpsideDown world and they need to save one of Mike's friends from there. Now I'm watching season 2 so I don't really know what's happening in that season,but I'll keep watching.

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4. Shadowhunters
This TV show is based on series of books by Cassandra Clare. TV show is different from books.Like....really different. But TV show is actually good.Season 3 is coming soon! It's about Shadowhunters who hunt demons and monsters.

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This is norwegain TV show. This one has nothing with supernatural, so...It's about everyday troubles and basiclly, about their life. It has a lot plot twists and 4 seasons. Every season is about different teenager.

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