Hold on to your witch's brooms and hats! Halloween is not what you think it is! In honor of Halloween I'm going to be writing my last Halloween article featuring 12 spooky facts about Halloween.

1. The first Jack O lanterns were made out of potatoes and turnips, and in England they even used beats!! Yuckk!

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2. We dress up on Halloween because of the Celt's ancient practices. Samhain, an ancient Celtic holiday, was a day used to establish the end of harvest season and the start of winter. They believe this transition made a bridge to the world of the dead, so they wore costumes to keep the evil spirits away!

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3. Bobbing for apples was originally a British courting ritual. Each apple represented a potential suitor, and the bobber would try to bite the apple of the guy she liked. If it only took one try, it was fate, but the more tries it took, the more likely the love wouldn't last

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4. Halloween is the second biggest commercial holiday in American. Christmas is the first but in fact about 91 billion dollars is spent on Halloween this year!

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5. Kids originally had to dance in order to get their treat! Trick-or-Treaters in in Ireland and Scotland used to do something called guising, it means they would sing a song, choreograph as dance or tell a joke in order to get candy!

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6. Halloween is not the only holiday witches celebrate. They also celebrate Beltane, which marks the first day of May, and Midsummer's Eve, which coincides with the Summer Solstice

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7. Every Halloween 600 million pounds of candy is sold in the US, and 90 million pounds of that is chocolate every year!!

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8. Orange and Black are Halloween colors for a reason. Orange symbolizes harvest and Black symbolizes death and the end of summer!

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9. Jelly Belly has been making candy corn longer than any other candy company, since 1898 to be exact!

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10. America produces about 15 billion pounds of pumpkins every year. However, pumpkins originally come from Central America

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11. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween. People with Samhainophobia are usually afraid to celebrate Halloween or wear a costume due to their extreme fear!

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12. There is a common Halloween superstition about spiders. Supposedly if you see one on Halloween night, it means the spirit of a dead loved one is looking over you!

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