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Today I'm covering the topic of blood status, and not just the regular old Muggleborns, Halfbloods, and Purebloods. I will be covering Muggles and Squibs, too!

Muggles: Muggles are what wizards call the non magical people. I don't believe it's an insult to be a Muggle; what did they do wrong? I, myself, need to train to not call Harry Potter Haters "Muggles." Muggles don't have a drop of magical blood in them, and they're not to be confused with Squibs.
Notable Muggles: Dudley Dursley, Petunia Dursley

No Majs: No Majs are basically equivalent to Muggles, but the American wizards use it to describe non magic folk. No Maj is slang for No Magic or Non Magic (I honestly forget).
Notable No Majs (American): Jacob Kowalski, James Seward (or Steward),

Squibs: A Squib is a person with magical blood in them, but can't perform magic. They show no signs of magic. They're not to mistaken with Muggles, because they DO have magical blood.
Notable Squibs: Arabella Figg, Argus Filch

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Muggleborns: Mugglesborns are Wizards born with no magical blood, yet can perform magic. Despite prejudiced Wizards' warnings, Muggleborns have every right to learn magic. Yes, Mudblood is an insult to Muggleborns, and should be used with caution. It means "dirty blood."
Notable Muggleborns: Hermione Granger, Lily Evans,

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(Not to be confused with Percy Jackson)

Halfbloods: Halfbloods are Wizards who have a Muggle parent and a Wizard parent. If you were born with a Muggleborn mother, and a Pureblood father, things can get interesting. I believe that you'd be a Halfblood, though your mother is a witch. Technically, she doesn't have magically blood, genetically speaking. There are other theories about it, so you should decide on your own.
Notable Halfbloods: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Severus Snape

Blood "Traitors": Blood "Traitors" are what Purebloods (mostly from the Sacred 28) call other Purebloods who associate with Muggles as equals and things like that. This term is mostly used by prejudiced Purebloods.
Notable Blood Traitors: Sirius Black, Ron Weasley

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Purebloods: Purebloods are Wizards who come from a mainly magical blooded family. Not all Purebloods are prejudiced. To be a Pureblood doesn't mean all your family is fully magical blooded. I believe that Harry Potter's children are Purebloods, but it's okay if you don't. You could be the child of a Halfblood and a Pureblood and still be Pureblooded, in my opinion. But that's a choice for you to make.
Notable Purebloods: James Potter Sr., Regulus Black

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