So I just read an article by @caitlin_hux which Ik could really relate to, so I thoght I will write something similar. She did it for October, but mine is for November.

Day 1 - A song you like with a colour in the title:

dress, fashion, and girl image
Red Dress by MAGIC!

Day 2 - A song you like with a number in the title:

1969, 60s, and the beatles image
Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams

Day 3 - A song that reminds you of the summertime:

friends, night, and summer image
Musica by Fly Project

Day 4 - A song that reminds you of a person you would rather forget:

quotes, love, and friends image
Friends With Benefits by KSI & MNDM

Day 5 - A song that needs to be played loud:

twenty one pilots, pink, and tøp image
HeavyDirtySoul by Twenty One Pilots

Day 6 - A song that makes you want to dance:

outfit, show, and zara larsson image
Lush Life by Zara Larsson

Day 7 - A song to drive to:

aesthetic, purple, and radio image
Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

Day 8 - A song about drugs or alcohol:

pills, happy, and happy pills image
Happy Pills by Weathers

Day 9 - A song that makes you happy:

Image by Letícia Chieppe
Örökké by Intim Torna Illegál

Day 10 - A song that makes you sad:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Happy Endings by Mika

Day 11 - A song you never get tired of:

love, quotes, and hozier image
Take Me to Church by Hozier

Day 12 - A song from your preteen years:

grunge, they dont know about us, and music image
They Dont't Know About Us by One Direction

Day 13 - A song you like from the 70's:

Image by ❁
Dancing Queen by ABBA

Day 14 - A song that you'd like to be played on your wedding:

Image by 安琪
You And I by One Direction

Day 15 - A song you like that's a cover of another artist:

hand, life, and quotes image
Can't Help Falling in Love by Tyler Joseph (OG: Elvis Presley)

Day 16 - A song that's a classic favourirte:

deep, philosophical, and songs image
Come As You Are By Nirvana

Day 17 - A song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke:

mcr and my chemical romance image
Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Day 18 - A song from the year you were born:

2000s, boyband, and boys image
Bye Bye Bye by 'N Sync

Day 19 - A song that makes you think about life:

eminem, film, and hip hop image
Lose Yourself by Eminem

Day 20 - A song that has many meanings to you:

Lyrics, quote, and mike posner image
Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner feat. Big Sean

Day 21 - A song that you like with a person's name in the title:

music, pop punk, and rock image
Jessica Kill by Sum41

Day 22 - A song that moves you forward:

album, alternative, and evolve image
Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons

Day 23 - A song you think everyone should listen to:

fall out boy, FOB, and Lyrics image
Immortals by Fall Out Boy

Day 24 - A song by a band you wish were still together:

my chemical romance, mama, and gerard way image
Mama by My Chemical Romance

Day 25 - A song you like from an artist who is no longer living:

david bowie and life on mars image
Life On Mars by David Bowie

Day 26 - A song that makes you want to fall in love:

wallpaper, arctic monkeys, and pink image
I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys

Day 27 - A song that breaks your heart:

Guns N Roses, november rain, and dress image
November Rain by Guns N' Roses

Day 28 - A song by an artist whose voice you love:

lp, tour, and laura pergolizzi image
No Witness by LP

Day 29 - A song you remember from your childhood

camp rock, melancholy, and myself image
This is Me by Demi Lovato

Day 30 - A song that reminds you of yourself:

Mature image
Middle Finger by Bohnes

That's all Folks, I hope you enjoyed reading it and you'll find songs that you also fell similar about!