Hey hearters, lets forget about Gossip Girl, Ariana Grande and Audrey Hepburn for a moment and lets talk about the little things in life that make us all happy

1) A Freshly Made Bed To Sleep In

kendall jenner, cake, and cara delevingne image bed, bedroom, and flowers image

2) Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night Knowing You Have Hours Of Sleep Left

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and bed image dog, morning, and pug image

3) Taking Your Bra Off After a Long Day

Image by Офели Осборн Image by 安琪

4) Cuddling Up With Your Pet

dog, girl, and animal image cat, girl, and animal image

5) Dimples

bill skarsgård, hemlock grove, and boy image gif, boy, and bill skarsgård image

6) Drinking A Warm Drink When It's Cold

coffee, drink, and food image chocolate, coffee, and winter image

7) Giving and Receiving Compliments

self love image enough, self esteem, and vibes image

Thank you for reading hearters! I hope you liked reading and can relate to all these little things that make you happy. Have a safe Halloween!