hello, my name is cass, and i'm eighteen years old. i'm not in fact from hogwarts, as it says on my page, but from canada.

i've been on we heart it for quite some time now, but i've changed accounts a couple of times before i landed on the one i currently have! i've never been one of those account that has a whole lot of followers, and i like it that way. i don't feel pressured to keep up with my account just for my followers. my we heart it really is just a way for me to express what i'm going through with pictures.

since this whole article thing is pretty new to me on we heart it (i learned about it like yesterday and i've been on this account for almost two years?? what), i decided that i would tell you some facts about who i am as a person!

1. i'm currently a science student at university! my dream is to become a pediatrician.

2. i adore books. but the weird thing about me is that i can be for a whole two months without reading one single book and then in one week, i can read like 5.

3. my biggest dream is to go to disney world!

4. i've never had a boyfriend and i've never been kissed. what a sad life i live.

5. i'm glad i'm good at dancing because i love to dance. it's a way for me to express myself, or just to be who i really am.

6. my sun sign is cancer, my rising sign is leo and my moon sign is capricorn.

7. i swear a lot and i don't care if it's not seen as "feminine".

8. my favorite disney princess is cinderella.

9. my eyes are green. they're my favorite thing about my face, even though i'm trying very hard to learn how to love myself as a whole.

10. i think people consider first love as being in a relationship with someone else, but for me, my first love was one-sided and it still hurts to this day (and i think i might still be in love but shhh).

aaaaaand a lot more but i guess i should just stop this right here. maybe i'll do another one later but for now that is all. if you were bave enough to even read all of this, thank you and congrats, i guess?

love, cass
(okay so my name is not actually cass but that's what i'll go by on here, just to keep my privacy)