Dear Pain less sorrow
As I read through our old messages I begin to smile
I haven’t smiled that big in such a while...
Do you see such the impact you had on me
Before I set you free..
I remember all the pain you were in telling me how you felt.
But it gets me everytime you begin to whine
As soon as I saw that tear stroll down your face
My heart began to race
My palms got sweaty
I was not ready.
You told me the you like me and her.
That’s not what I deserve
If you wanted me you should have let her go
You could have let me know
Instead I lay in bed
Holding my head
Waiting for that 1 phone call
That will end it all
I remember hearing your voice on the phone
Asking where I was I said that I’m home
One part of me despised you
The other waited and waited but it was just more lies
I want you
I like you
I want to be with you
I replay those words in my head over and over as if the first time you said it to me wasn’t enough
I want to feel your touch
I want to smell your skin
But really if I am thinking right that would be a sin
I just want you to know
I am doing fine I crave your touch but
I know what I have to give was never enough