The mornings are darker, colder and sadder as November is coming, so here's the prefect way to start the day right.

Go to bed early

No matter what you do, you won't have a nice morning if you don't get enough sleep.

Wake up early

In my experience, as bad as it sounds, it worths getting up at least 1,5 hours before you leave the house. If you're late you'll get stressed, which might ruin your whole day. Set as many alarms as you want, and choose a song you don't hate, but won't mind if anytime you'll hear it in the future, you'll connect it to getting up in the morning

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Get over with the things you hate the most

Whenever I wake up, the first thing I want to do is getting some food and scroll through social media, altough that's not the best way to do it. Your early morning Instagram session might take too long, and in the end there won't be time to do anything else.
This is why I always start with the thing I hate the most. For example, I'm usually not in the mood to put in my contacts or to do my make-up, so I do these first. After that I get dressed, make my bed and make coffee.

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What you can do tonight, don't leave for tomorrow morning

Before you go to bed do all the things you'd usually do in the morning, Decide what to wear, pack your books and gym clothes, make your morning playlist etc. You'll have more time in the morning to relax

Make time for some morning relaxation

For me, one of the best things during my day is sitting on my bed at 6.45 am, sipping my coffee, eating pastry and scrolling through twitter/watch an episode of one my my favorite shows. This is when I feel calm, happy and ready to do anything (after I finished my coffee, of course). This usually takes me about 45 minutes, and after that I'm ready to go.

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Pay attention to the details

  • Open the windows for 10 minutes: I know it might be cold outside, but some fresh air will help you waking up.
  • Choose natural light: It's probably still dark outside when you wake up, but it's still better than having the lamps turned on, which will make you want to go back to bed even more.
  • Listen to a morning playlist: it might be calm morning acoustic, iconic sing-along or pop classics, music in the morning will boost your mood.
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I hope you'll find useful ideas to start your day better, even in the cold November days.