Hi hearters! So 2017 is almost finished and I cant wait for the new year. I wanted to write this article to share with you my goals for 2018. Hope you enjoy it.

Get better grades in school

So Im on my final year in high school and I need to have good grades to go to the university that I want. There for, I need to work really hard

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Read more books

Reading books is my only way to relax and to forget about the world. So this year I wanna read about 20 books.

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Start journaling

I always wanted to write everything that happens in my life I just didnt have the time for it. Well my goal in 2018 is to start writing about my past, my future, my hopes and my fears.

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I am the laziest person on earth. I'm an inactive person and I dont like to practice at all. But that is about to change cus in the new year I hope to start practising 3 times a week after school because it's so beneficial. Also,the determination and goal-setting skills a sport requires can be transferred to the classroom.

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Try Yoga

This is something I always wanted to try but never had the chance to. Yoga has lots of benefits; it is a cure to the body and the soul at the same time. Yoga will allow you to focus more, be happier and will provide you with energy and strength.

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Drink more water

I'm trying to be healthier and drinking water is a great way to detox your body and to have a healthier body. So my goal is to drink at least 1.5L per day

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Eat healthier

Perhaps this is everyone's goal. But I want to eat healthier and avoid junk food and sweets. Easy to say but hard to do. That's why I will try in this new year to achieve this goal and to eat better and live better.

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Have a pamper night every Sunday

Now I've been trying to achieve this goal since last year but I really didn't had the time. That's why I am willing to have a pamper night every sunday this new year

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Save money

As told, I am on my last year in high school which means next year I'll be gone for university and for that I have to save money.

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I loove travelling. I enjoy seeing new cultures and meeting new people. In this year, my goal is to go around Europe and especially I wanna see Spain and Germany.

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So these are my goals for 2018. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading :)