Hi Hearters! Today I want to build my own lifestyle mood board. This mood board is my wishlist/mood of the day. It is composed of everything I want to have or to do today. I hope you will enjoy!
Ps: I'm french so I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling errors.

1. Gucci belt
I really would like to have a Gucci belt, I find it very classy to slice a basic outfit. But I think that it's only will be a wish because it is very expensive.

belt, fashion, and blouse image gucci, fashion, and belt image

2. Bath
Now that fall is here, I always want to relax and one the best way to relax is to take a hot bath. For me a good bath is always accompanied by a book, a movie or a tvshow.

beautiful, cute, and love image bath, book, and flowers image

3. Natalie Portman for Dior
I don't know why but since Dior commercials with Natalie Portman launch I'm obsessed with her! She is just beautiful.

natalie portman, dior, and dress image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

4. Avocado toasts
Not a lot to say about it, this is just one of my favorite meal. Simple but delicious.

food, green, and healthy image avocado, food, and healthy image

5. Tea
I LOVE TEA. This is defenitely my go-to drink. No matter the moment of the day, I always can drink a tea and it's better than just water and also very healthy. My favorites teas are green tea and earl grey.

food, tea, and pink image gucci, coffee, and pink image

6. Rosé
So typical, so french and so good. Especially with friends and family.

bff, champagne, and chic image girl, fashion, and wine image

7. Fur coats
My new obsession. For this fall/winter I really want to get one.

fashion, celine, and style image chanel, fashion, and style image

8. Black and white Kendall
Not a lot to say again. She is just beautiful, even in black and white.

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