I lived a couple of time in different cities in Italy. To be honest not in the big ones, like Milan or Rom, but also in cities where people from all over Italy are coming for the summer to the sea.
So I met people from Milan, from Rom, and of course a lot from Naples.

Now I present you some facts about fashion, food and lifestyle in my point of view.


When I was in Italy I ate just two different cuisines, Italien and Japanese (Sushi).
Thats it.. :D And yes the food is very good, but after a few month I couldn´t see pizza anymore...

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2. Breakfast

The Breakfast was very strange for me, because in my hometown I eat a good healthy breakfast. In Italy they have espresso and sweets, they eat cake, cookies and croissants with pudding inside. I couldn´t believe it and if my mother knew it, uff she would kill me... BUT luckily they also had little Pizzas called "Pizzetta".

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3. Colorful Fashion

In the Summer the girls are wearing a lot of colorful flattery clothes, like long skirts and dresses. Often they are very creative and crazy, very inspiring..

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4. Movie

recently a Friend from Pescara told me about this new series on Netflix, called "Subbura - Blood on Rom". Its about the Italian mafia and gangs of Rom and its unbelievable good...

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La Luna