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Hey People who are reading this :) This is my very first article and I think I start with a recipe for breakfast cereal. So yesterday I've eaten too much of unhealthy things. It's like I never eat anything of that again and today morning I'm like ohh I could eat something maybe this chocolate muesli but then I remembered of yesterday and so I created this:
body, cereal, and fit image
It's healthy apple cereal🙃 For this you need an apple, oatmeal and nature yoghurt. At first I've cut the apple into small pieces. Then I've filled some of the yoghurt in a bowl and a layer of oatmeal on top.

Finally I've put the apple pieces on top, that's it!
You can try out with more oatmeal or apple ;)

It's very healthy and really tasty I promise so try it out :))