Hello guys and gals from all around the world! If it wouldn’t be a bother to you, I would like another six maybe seven minutes of your time. I was browsing We Heart It the other day and article about a job offering for being an editorial intern caught my eye. It contained a list of requirements and tasks that the intern had to fulfill. I thought what a better way to apply than to have the opinions (and possible recommendations) of thousands of lovely people on this website/app/free support group.

(The original article of the application requirements will be down in about a half a scroll.)

It would benefit you greatly if you decide to read that article before you preceded with this one since everything I am talking about has to do with that article.

WHI Editorial Intern Wanted! *Article*

If you have already seen that article then here is my plea.
If you would like to help me on this journey to achieving a dream job of mine then you can contribute by:
- Spreading this article to your followers/editors
- correcting any grammar or suggesting anything I could do to strengthen this application
- telling me what you love and appreciate about this website and even what you don’t enjoy or care for on this website.

Thank you all so much if you are willing to help and even to those who have made it to this point and are still not convinced I deserve this desired job.

(I took the statements of the article and turned them into questions hoping to create a fun little self interview!)

Q: Are you an active WHI user who has a vast understanding of the platform and it’s community?

A: Yes, I keep up with all of the updates and new features WHI has to offer finding it so simple to follow and catch onto. I find it organized and well planned even to new users who haven’t used this app before. I do notice how some others, even myself, can’t help but get distracted (in a good way) my mind mentally double-tapping faster than my fingers are in reality.

Q: Are you proactive, eager and ready to learn with a proven passion for reading and writing?l

A: I can relate to being eager ever since I could read and write. Since I am still in school I do enjoy learning (except the homework which is dismal). With English being my favorite subject reading and writing are such important qualities required for this job which I can participate in since I feel I am creative when it comes to this line of work.

Q: Are you creative and willing to share ideas?

A: Yes! I know I am creative because I find the small details in the bigger picture to find their purpose. In my English class I am quick to share thoughts and open ended questions allowing everyone to participate in when we have a discussion or a topic I am passionate about. (There are few topics which I am not passionate about which I find could come in handy). I am one to try to include everyone’s opinions in hopes to achieve the balance of what everyone wants.

Q: Are you fluent in English? (Oral and writing?)

A: Yes, I live in the U.S.A which is a first language for us here.

Q: Do you find you are passionate about the online topic?

A: I feel there are so many diverse topics that it is impossible to not be passionate about at least one of them. I am following many of the recommended and most popular channels all of which I adore. I enjoy that even if there isn’t a channel on your preferred subject you can search it up by using tags or key words. WHI reminds me of a more sophisticated, inspiring Google.

Q: Do you have great social and communicational skills?

A: Yes, however I will confess I do tend to over explain things sometimes but better to over explain then under explain as my mother puts it. I have been credited on good advice and supportiveness towards my peers and others as well as being told I am easy to talk to.

That is my application! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please please! Help a fellow hearted out!
Thank you all so much for reading and aiding me in something I am passionate about.
All the love in the world!
Jordan xoxo