One asked me when was the first time I fall in love and how did I notice I am?
Well, the only one who came to my mind .. was you. Five years ago I sat there in class not knowing that a guy like you could make my life change like this. I felt in love in that moment without knowing it then, I notice today. Time flew and we started knowing each other. One day, do you remember the day? we went out on a walk, talking about quite normal things just like cheese, when you suddenly took my hand and attracted your body to mine. Then you carefully started kissing me and took with your beautiful big hands my small ones. Everytime you took them you told me how small and cold they are and you gave me the feeling that they are safe in your hands. You were so right. Do you remember? Thats when I felt the first time in love. Actually it`s also the last time I felt like that. The first love was so special to me. I can not forget you until today, after five years have passed. Thats what I answered. I will always love you