Do you ever wonder if you should be on a different life road? Have you ever questioned past choices and imagined how your life could be right now?
What would have happened if I didn't say that hurtful thing? What if I went to his house? What if I didn't answer that message?
My mind is tireless when it comes to figuring out another scenarios, another choices but now I ask: Would it be better? Would I be happier? What if I had done every single thing the best I could? Would it even be real?
Right now when I feel my thoughts drifting away and take me to some far away place I hang onto my shoes. I stop myself from flying. I remember that life is imperfect but it's perfect how it is. I remind myself that I'm building something, that maybe I let many opportunities go away but I'm shaping my life the way I am and the way I want myself to be.
I don't mind if I said the wrong thing in the past, if I acted like a stupid girl. I've apologized to whomever I had to and learnt my lessons.
I'm growing into the person I want to be.

Whomever wants to come in, you better come with happiness, if not... My door is so closed! XD