A denim jacket with faux fur on the inside and collar. Recently, these have become more popular because the fur inside keeps you warm and it gives your outfit a cosy look lol. Personally i don't own one as i'm broke, but I have seen many affordable ones in missguided, asos and topshop.

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Now cardigans may sound unstylish and sad to some but if you style it correctly with other clothing it'll add a sophisticated cosy look. You can buy many different designs such as v-neck, distressed and cropped.

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They have been a big trend in the past, especially last year. They are a must have for this time of year. Not only have people been wearing oversized sweatshirts, but they've been wearing oversized clothing in general. They are just very comfortable and casual (if that's the look your going for, lol i need to stop myself)

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As the weather is getting more cold fur coats are being worn by more people. They are perfect for keeping you warm and they can be styled in many ways to create different looks. The most popular colours to get them in are white, brown, nude, black and grey.

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Every autumn and winter boots become a staple for many. They go with a lot of clothing and really change you outfit. There are quite a lot of different styles too.

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Gold hoops add a simple and stylish look to your outfit. It's a good way to accessorize especially if your cheap like myself as they are very affordable and can be brought from pretty much anywhere.

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In the summer the majority of people like to wear crop tops - well i do anyway:) However, during the transition into Autumn cropped jumpers and sweater are perfect to wear out. They are quite popular and can be found in most shops, but you can also DIY them.

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