1. Get the Recognized Writers Program Badge

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i have always wanted to be heartist because to me it meant reaching more people to inspire but after We Heart It launched Articles , i felt like i found the right platform to share my work on because of all the talented and nice hearters . i've never been determined to get anything as much as i'm determined to get the Recognized Writers Program

2. Read more than 50 books

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i looove reading so much and i wanted to set a goal that i know i'll have fun achieving

3. ‎Get better at writing

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sometimes i'm proud of my writings but some other times i just feel so untalented and frustrated . i wanna improve and be better
here are some of my writings that i actually like :

4. ‎Get good grades

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yeah i'm a science student , i actually have a science test tomorrow but instead of studying for it i'm on We Heart It writing this article

5.‎ Get in shape

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i've always struggled with my weight and how i look , and this year i wanna get to my perfect weight and start loving myself

6. ‎Be happy

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and lastly i wanna be genuinely happy