When Nick arrived in the world in Australia, he did so with a disease called agenesis, a very rare type of malformation that made him only have one of his extremities. And this one was only slightly developed. As you can suppose, the beginnings were not good for our protagonist, the personal improvement will come after problematic years. As he grew up and began to study, his physical handicap caused him many entrance problems.

His family had to face the fact that the state of Victoria where he lived prevented him from attending school due to his difficulties. This was so until finally the laws changed and he went to a normal school. While this was also problematic.

We have all heard (and seen) that children can be very cruel without knowing the harm they can cause. For Nick was no different than for any child that stood out from the rest, suffering episodes of depression that led him to consider suicide with only 8 years and trying to commit suicide in the bathtub of his home at the tender age of 10 years, although he regretted of his decision to think about his family at the last moment. Over the years, Nick began his process of self-improvement to what it is today.

Over time, Nick's situation improved, he graduated and devoted himself to giving lectures and motivational talks wherever he went. Both students and companies, and is that if Nick could be able to live on their own and get ahead all of us, with many less difficulties than him, we can also do it. That is not always easy, does not mean that you can not.

In 2005, Nick created his own foundation to motivate people who, like Nick, face the world with less extremities. Currently, Nick Vujicic is married, and has his own family.

Personal opinion:
Nick from a very small age had difficulties and despite all the times he kept quiet and wanted to give up, he went ahead, finished his studies, and now has a family and a lot of success with his lectures of personal motivation. It is a great example of life, it shows us that there are not enough reasons to give up and that when we want something with all our hearts we can achieve it.