More than 50 years ago the first sexual symbol that the world could know died. It is still the model to follow, it keeps awakening passions demonstrating, that the legends never die.

"I do not want to make money, I just want to be wonderful," said Marilyn Monroe in 1950. You can say that you can find other things. She was considered the most attractive woman in the history of cinema, attracted her own and others who surrendered under the charms, but her unstable personality conditioned her to carry out a life on the edge of the abyss.

He was born in the birthplace of the stars, Los Angeles, June 1, 1926. He came to the world under the name of Norma Jean Baker. He knew that his destiny was a celebrity, but his life was never easy.

He did not meet a sweaty father. Her mother left her in the hands of a friend's marriage until she was seven years old, because her economic conditions did not allow her to take care of her. When she returned to the mother's home, Gladys Baker was sent to a psychiatric hospital because she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

His childhood and adolescence were spent in an orphanage, where he worked as a kitchen helper, the house of his parents and the families they adopted. In one of these shelters, he apparently suffered sexual abuse from the head of the family when he was eight years old.

PERSONAL OPINION: I could see, across this history that the money does not buy the happiness. We see that she tape-worm absolutely everything for what it could ask, was the sexual icon mas admired in the world, it was rich, beautiful, a tape-worm a structural body, tape-worm the major luxuries, and to every man who was wishing. Nevertheless, his past I do not leave her to be happy, it was taking in his back a rock with his past sufferings, could the woman turns mas happy but actually it was the sad mas. It was concealing his suffering between drugs and alcohol but even this way his past I condemn it to live desolate through the whole life. Because of it, I think that it is necessary to value what we have, to value our life and thank for all those opportunities that us they present.