hey, lovely hearters!

I'm pretty sure everyone adores traveling and so do I. I love airports, long car drives, hotel breakfasts, taking pictures and the smell of a new city. So, I wanted to share with you the cities I've been to. Hope you enjoy! ♥

  • Venice (Italy)
feed, gondola, and italy image italy, venice, and venezia image
  • Makarska (Croatia)
beach, blonde, and Croatia image summer, palms, and sky image
  • Warsaw (Poland)
Poland and warsaw image city, fog, and foggy image
  • Vilnius (Lithuania)
beauty, blue, and city image Lithuania and vilnius image
  • Stockholm (Sweden)
sweden, building, and city image aesthetic, beautiful, and beautiful sky image
  • Budapest (Hungary)
city, budapest, and travel image budapest and hungary image
  • Vienna (Austria)
city, travel, and denmark image austria, beautiful, and building image
  • Tallinn (Estonia)
autumn, lifestyle, and tallinn image city, estonia, and europe image
  • Riga (Latvia)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It cafe, vintage, and coffee image
  • Prague (Czech Republic)
place, prague, and architecture image Image by paradise
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
bridge, city, and ljubljana image ljubljana and slovenia image
  • Bratislava (Slovakia)
bratislava, city, and grunge image bratislava, city, and hipster image

Thank you for reading, more articles coming soon! ♥