Take one minute of your life to read this. I'll tell you a few reasons not to die.

book, harry potter, and hogwarts image gif, tributes, and hunger games image
books and movies makes you forget the real world behind you
car, raining, and 비 image love, couple, and rain image
the smell of rain in the summer.
world, travel, and globe image book, summer, and car image
traveling the world. open your eyes
city, couple, and night image city, light, and night image
cities at night time. don't stay inside
autumn, wallpaper, and mountain image girl, flowers, and yellow image
the beautiful things in the nature
chill, christmas, and snow image winter, forest, and snow image
all things that is covered with snow
art, blue, and painting image Image by ♔♡dunja♡♔
painting, if you can't paint, just watch it
girl, lesbian, and love image love, boys, and gay image
i know it's hard to belive, but someone, somewhere, is going to love you. i mean it's like 7 billion people on earth

here you have some reasons to live. I'm gonna live for them anyway. Thanks for reading:)

She doesn't have a religion. Her faith resides in the stars, flowers, ocean, and herself.