At a some point in my life I was "that girl" who loved a wrong guy. That girl who refused to let go though I saw that he already let me go. That girl who truly believed that he will change, I mean he will love me like I love him one day, and in the mean time I'm gonna stick around and love him. I would text him and he would reply after hours or even after days. I did all the calling, sometimes he would tell me that he is busy he will get back to me, I'd spend days looking at my phone hoping he calls.Guy would put snapchat stories with this beautiful lady that I saw clearly that she was way out of my league. The lashes on point typa girl. I mean brows on fleek, leg game on a 100, booty on a 100, thin waist, beautiful skin.... the works. It was clear that he didn't love me no more, I started to wonder if, did he love me in the first place. The promises he made when it was all good, were they all a lie?

I started to wonder if the moments I spent with him, were they true?!
The pacts we made with each other,
the goals we set together,
What now?

Now hanging on was no longer an option,
Now I was forced to leave
though I tried to force my way to his heart, there was no way I was ever going to forcefully make him to love me.
I had to beg my heart to let go,
I spent nights, and nights feeling numb,
I had to beg myself to cry so that I can feel better,
Everyday was a battle, everyday it got worse,
Erasing those memories was not easy
Forgetting about all that we've been through together was like a stab in my heart.

But, I did it.
I finally learnt to let you go
I finally was able to look at your picture and not get mad or hate myself for loving you, but now I look at your picture and wish you the best of what life brings.

If I had to learn anything from this was that time heals,
the most important of them all was learning to let go, of you or anything and anyone who will compromise my peace and happiness.

Whether you loved me or not, thank you.