The first time I saw you. I know there is something. Something for me. Maybe God noticed. And He made a way for us to meet and know each other. I felt that. Did you?

The first time we talked. We connected. Everything was smooth and effortless. I felt like I've known you forever. It's like, we are really meant to meet. I felt that. Did you?

The first time we went out together. It was awesome. I was really happy and wished hopefully that moment won't end. I felt that. Did you?

The first time I noticed that everything was quite blurry now and fading between us, I was hurt. I prayed and prayed to God. Lord, how can I fix this? What can I do for us to work? even if there's no us? I was wounded. I felt that. Did you?

Then here comes the first time that would be last. Saying goodbye to the beginning. I looked at you. Unlike me you are happy without me. For the last time I took a glance at you. I won't be seeing this face again. Maybe I will but, it is all up to God. So I carefully examine your face for the first time, for the last. You look beautiful. I was happy with my time with you. I felt that. Did you?