Some people say I have a way with words. At least with written words. The spoken ones often come out wrong and make a big mess.
So you could say I am obligated to share my "oh so deep and meaningful" words with the rest of the world.
Which I would really love to do if I had deep and meaningful words.
I am good at quoting other people, though.
One could say I have an obsession with other people's words.
Or with words in general.
I have a lot of favorite words and one of them is "capricious".
Maybe because there is no other word that fits my personality as well as this one does.
So why am I sitting down writing all this?
Perhaps because I wish I had something to say.
Something to help you clean up that mess you have to call life.
Or something that takes away all your self-doubts.
Maybe I could also find something to write that takes the pain away- all of it.
And when I'm done writing, there will be world peace.
Everybody will be happy, loving and caring.

But after all it's just a bunch of letters put together.
In the end they're just words, no magic.
But words can be pretty magical, don't you think?

I have something to say. A lot. And maybe one day I'll just go ahead and say it.
You should do the same. As long as your words do more good than harm.