Hey, it's me :)

Writing is superfun, but if you're just started you need some inspo so...

  • You need to think about things that you like, what you keep thinking of, what makes your mind inspirational! Because you probably wanna write about that!

Here are some ideas:

1. 15 things that make me smile/happy.

Image by eladvi

2. All about my... (pet, family, hobbies, etc...) .
3. What I want in life.

4. A fairytale with a message.
5. My love life.

couple, love, and hands image

6. Things that motivate me.
7. One line a day.

quotes, inspiration, and life image

8. A poem.
9. Why I wake up everyday.
10. 2018 goals.

nike, shoes, and fitness image

11. Write a imaginary letter to your ibf.
12. My aesthetics.

13. My dreams/daydreaming

journal, book, and diary image
bullet journal

Inspired by: @loveinbrooklyn's hearts <3
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