why is it when we look outside and see the rain, we feel anger and resentment? why do we spend our time texting in all caps instead of calling at 3 AM? we're like metal; we're a loveless generation, folks.

001 | loveless. what does it mean?

picture this:

the word 'less' is a form of the Greek derivative loisthos meaning last . if you are last, you are without. at the end of Lorde's song 'Hard Feelings/Loveless', she spins into sweet whispers of insanity because of the lack of love between her and her partner.

'bet you wanna rip my heart out; bet you wanna skip my calls now //
well guess what? i like that //
cus i'm gonna mess you're life up; gonna wanna tape my mouth shut' //

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'look out, lovers.'

sometimes i think my generation, aka the 'post millennials', are going to ruin everything humanity has gotten so close to restoring. not only because of crime or hate, but also self-loathing. we hate ourselves and one another. we stare dreamily at computer screens and spend the night with our phones. love is rare, now.

yenno what reminds me of love? the 50s. wouldn't you agree?


honestly, i don't even know why i'm trying to write an article on the subject. i'm 16 and i have absolutely no idea what i'm even saying. however, i do see that throughout my times within the thick white walls of my school, girls and boys are loveless. the warm tenderness of teenage affection is now dark and vacant. it scares me. why? because i'm loveless, too.

the 50s

in the 50s, elvis presley was a god among women and a monster to men. marilyn monroe was a whore to young girls but a savior to men of all ages. even then, love was a faded gray turning black. the 'better' part of the 50s was sadly spent on the upside down of things, like sexism and racism. it's (not so) safe to say, however, that love is becoming more of an option than a necessity. that's not good!


'we're L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S generation'


no hard feelings, since love requires none of them.

  • compassion
  • patience
  • a good sense of humor

by the way

if any of you are wondering, i was and still sorta am in love with someone atm. i'm not really 'obsessed' with him anymore but the pain i've been through liking him has been horrid. i've spent nights crying and wondering why it's never been me. slowly, i've become cold and distant to everyone. i don't laugh at other people's jokes. i push back in the hallway. i write my name in cursive so people struggle to read it. i was hurt by him, but he doesn't no that.

the overwhelming thought of rejection sweeps over me at times and i cry for days on end. the warmth of my youth is slowly burning out like week old charcoal. but alas, i'm only a teenager. he'll never know how much i love him. i don't have the guts to tell him, honestly. ranting on my fav website isn't going to help, either. so, don't feel sorry for me. i've placed this upon my own shoulders. thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. i'm loveless.

take note, boys

in the future, i plan on writing little poems, blogs, and even short stories. so, be ready for that, i guess. just depends on what i'm feeling. kathy bates thanks you. (and i do too, i guess ??)

that's it, folks

take a listen to the song of the week, and tune in next (whatever day i can remember) time for another 'episode' (???) of FLEUR WEEKLY

song of the week: 'Hard Feelings/Loveless' by LORDE