Here are some shows that I love for halloween and I hope you like them to...(I'm sure you will)


Halloween and hocus pocus image hocus pocus, witch, and Witches image
Hocus Pocus
disney, Halloween, and disney channel image
aesthetic, autumn, and fall image Halloween, fall, and autumn image
The Nightmare before Christmas
edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image johnny depp, 90s, and edward scissorhands image
Edward Scissorhands
coraline image coraline, smile, and movie image
sad, friends, and casper image ghost, funny, and casper image
hate, quotes, and everything image adams, black and white, and family image
The Adams Family
Abusive image black, frankenweenie, and white image
animation, autumn, and creepy image
Monster House
Halloween, snoopy, and charlie brown image Halloween, charlie brown, and pumpkin image
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Thank you for reading and I hope you check out any of these movies!