Hello hearters, I'm here now to give you some tips, but I guess is a little different because I will talk about documentaries that can give you some force (and cos' I love them), and these documentaries can help you to understand some facts in the history of the world besides send you an help on grades.
Well, I love to learn about everything and doesn't matter, I will always watch an documentary on Youtube, besides I learn I will be really inspired to write about this and search about the subject.

Let's started!!

  • The Deepest Place On Earth
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credits to: @creephyp___12

If you like biological things or life under the sea, you will fall in love with the documentary. Yeah, I won't deny that I almost died watching because the ocean is one of my fears. But, is so beautiful to see the scholars doing them best for the study.

  • Zero Hour / Chernobyl Disaster
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credits to: @cassandra_true

If (like me), you like to study things like radioactivity (well, I want to do Nuclear Chemistry, soooooo), you will love study and learn about Chernobyl, well, was an terrible disaster, but it raised profound studies about radioactivity, about the nuclear fission, termonuclear weapons and another millions things that I really love talking and learning.

  • Bermuda Triangle
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credits to: @marii_moralese

An beautiful and misterious catastrophe, that since the beginning exploded your mind. Like the real life, the documentary can be more misterious and erudtite than the real situation, and always tryin to explain the event.

  • The Life Of Nostradamus
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credits to:@asigemi

Maybe Nostradamus cannot be the most popular prophet in the whole world (I guess), but his story cannot be ignored by us and his life was for the science and the cure for many evil things around the world. The documentary is very good, because can help us to understand not just his life, but the medieval times.


So, about the last year in the school (even I'm not, but almost), I will give you some tips about it. I'm really happy with the idea of write articles because its givin' me many readers and this can make me so happy.

So, to the first tip I will tell you something. Stay prepared.
The last year means that the things are changed and they will not be more easy for you.

  • Don't Give Up
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@dinastyles231 1// @okay_phoenix 2// some caffeine will help you and a prayer too.

I know it's hard, but isn't impossible to pass this phase, you walked through the bad days and you survived all of them. Study is not easy, but you can make the choice to be the winner.

  • You can study while your lunch time, if you got a job
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@rozeangel credits/ @gigihadids 2cond photo

Once my aunt said that in her work there's many girl who study while their had to be in lunch, sure, them was eating something healthy but, in the whole time they was studying. So is a good idea. Why not?

  • Study can be gold in your hands
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credits to: @ganhuyag_dulguun_3 in WHI, and to the tumblr, on image.

Studying is never too much (okay, you can't live just for it) but when you have the chance to study something, just do it.

  • Do some articles
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Yeah, share your study with other people and inspire them. Write about something that you learned and don't be afraid to share your erudition about the subject.

  • Work hard at your homework
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private profile 1// second image: @deize6

An gold tip is don't waste your time, work hard. If you got many homeworks to do, just do it, is your chance to prove your dedication to do something good. Searching on the internet, but more important is, the books, and please don't copy nothing, read and write about it don't think that you are wasting your time doing something cool, because the most important thing is you learn about it.

bonus about the last tip

If you need to present your homework and you do not talk in a front of a crowd, focus on a point and please have the science about what you are talking, when you realize that you are doing the right thing you will act more natural and not an robot. Stay confident and push all the wrong voices off your head. Focus, at God, at your future and at the profesor.

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work hard and play hard!!!

Well guys, I hope you like this article and please follow my collection of articles and get inspired by these things. And i'm so sorry for my bad english.

takk for all mis amores.